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Wilderness/Outback Sunday

The wilderness is the domain of the wild. The outback is the world beyond fences and ploughed fields. The wilderness may be wild, but it is never alien or abandoned. The outback may be a desert, but it is never deserted or desolate. The wilderness is alive with many forms of wild unspoiled nature. The outback is where the soul of Earth is untamed by human boundaries…

On Wilderness/Outback Sunday we enter that world. We become one with the wild. We transform our place of worship into the outback or the wilderness…We identify with the wildness of the wild rather than separate ourselves as distant and different.”

~ Norm Habel in “Wilderness/Outback” on page 9 SeasonsFUSION

The wilderness/outback is a place of awe and wonder and on Sunday, September 18 we invite the wild to stretch our horizons, as it also draws us inward.

What are the symbols of wilderness/outback in your community? Arrange for these to be collected for the procession during the opening prayer.

As you prepare for Sunday, you might find a stone, hold it and imagine it has travelled from the wilderness/outback to you. Listen to its story, listen to its groaning, listen to its hope. Listen as it invites you into that story, groaning, and hope.
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