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River Sunday

There is a river in Revelation 22:1—5 (the focus passage for September 25)The river of John’s vision rises in Genesis 2:10, where it flows out of Eden to water the garden. It flows on through the vision of Ezekiel, who sees the water flowing from below the temple sanctuary where God dwells (Ezekiel 47:1). Ezekiel sees trees on both sides of the river and hears the promise that wherever the river goes, every part of creation “will live” (47:9).

In Revelation, Ezekiel’s vision is fully realized with the presence of Christ and as if to underscore restoration of Eden, the trees on either side of the river are now producing twelve kinds of fruit for the healing of the nations. (From the biblical background)

Focus for Worship, Learning and Serving for September 25 reminds us that “river” evokes different meanings for different people. River may be experienced as a reliable source of irrigation, or as a means of transportation, or as a place of recreation. The river may be feared as a threat to inundate lands and subdivisions built on floodplains; and “river” might be a metaphor for life itself.

Reflecting on the Word invites you to recall an encounter or connection with a river or a stream, and to imagine that the river or stream is telling the story of the encounter.

  • What might the river say?
  • What new insights come as you imagine the from the river’s perspective?

River Sunday provides an opportunity for reflection on the life-giving and death-dealing potential of our rivers. It may be a time to discover once again that we all come from the water and wonder how we might use it with wisdom and foresight that offers the gift to future generations.

(From “River” by Sue Britton). Click here for the full article.

September 29 is Rosh Hashanah (Judaism)

Rosh (which is the Hebrew word for “head”) Hashanah (which is the Hebrew word for “year”) is the beginning of a holy period of ten days called the Days of Awe. It is a time when Jews are expected to examine choices they have made, how they have treated other people, how they have acted to make the world a better place.

Perhaps you will set aside a time this week to consider what restoration might be made possible by co-operating with the community of creation? What might we offer to God that says, “Let this be a new time with us and with your creation”?

God Is Everywhere

(Written by Keith Terhune of Admiral for Season of Creation, 2011)


When I see the sky, I see God;

When hear a brook, I hear God.

When I walk a trail, I touch God;

God is everywhere.

I see God,

I hear God,

I touch God;

I trust God;

I thank God;

I love God.

God is ev’rywhere

When I see the trees, I see God;

By the waterfall I hear God.

When the Word is read, I thank God;

God is ev’rywhere


When I close my eyes, I trust God;

When I hold a child, I touch God.

When I hear the birds, I love God;

God is ev’rywhere.


Words and music: Keith Terhune. Copyright 2011 KTE Music. Used by permission

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2 comments on “River Sunday

  1. Sandy Freeman
    October 18, 2011

    We asked our class What makes rivers cry? and got this response from 6th grader Grace Ronan:

    One river flowing free,
    long and strong you used to be.
    but sewage ruins your lovely face,
    and fish no longer grace you.
    Oh, river flowing long and free,
    you are not what you used to be.

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