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Last week, the SeasonsFUSION development event for Pentecost 1, 2013 was held with congregants from the Admiral Congregational Church, Seattle. It followed two other thoughtful, energetic, creative events with congregants of the Abbotsford Church of Scotland (Lent, Easter 2013) and with representatives from congregations in New York City (Season of Creation and Pentecost 2, 2013). Going into the heart of local congregational life and engaging the lectionary readings through the lens of each congregation (and its way of practicing Christianity) will surely further enrich an already rich resource.

Admiral Congregational Church is a congregation that has embraced the Season of Creation beyond the sanctuary and into its full life.

Community Scupture Admiral Church

Community Sculpture at Admiral Congregational Church in Seattle

As you enter the building, the poster Let the Energy Flow is displayed on the wall to the right of the door; ahead is the poster Scale. In other places throughout the building, the other four posters for the Season of Creation and Pentecost 2 are displayed. Turn left and move into Hurst lounge —  a communal meeting room — where you will find three walls featuring framed paintings and photographs of creation – forest, land, wilderness/outback, river. Many are original pieces created by congregational members, and some are favourite, treasured images. In the centre of the room is a community sculpture – a structure created from PVC piping, which has yarn woven between the “pillars.” People are encouraged to weave feathers, pine cones, and flowers and other shapes created from recycled materials into and around the “creation web.”

Forest-River Admiral Church

Forest and river created with living plants, blue fabric and river rocks

Move back along the corridor and into the sanctuary.  A focus of the space is a forest and river created with living plants, blue fabric and river rocks. Recordings of birds and rippling water are heard throughout worship. Each week, a new symbol is added to the communion table; a potted plant for Forest Sunday, a very large glass container of soil for Land Sunday, a dried desert plant for Outback Sunday. For River Sunday – well we will have to wait for Sunday September 25.

Communion table Admiral Church

Communion table

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