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The Ten Commandments

This week, the aqua blue-green colour of the planet Earth and the Season of Creation gives way to the green of the Season after Pentecost, which began on June 19, 2011. After four weeks in the Season of Creation we turn again to the Revised Common Lectionary and accompany the Hebrew people on their long journey through the wilderness toward a new land and new life. We enter the story with Moses and the wilderness wanderers camped at Mount Sinai, and the receiving of the ten commandments. The Hebrew verb that is so often translated as “shall not” might also be translated as “you will not”; an ambiguity that invites us to consider the ten commandments as a description of God’s vision for our lives.

In a recent blog a friend posed this question… “What if the ten commandments are actually ten statements of hope?
 What if, “thou shalt” does not mean, “you must” but “one day, you will; its a promise.”
One day you will not steal…”

What if?

Rabbi Adam Morris (from Ask the Rabbi at or offers a way of hearing the commandments today:

The commandment about I am the Lord your God can be re-told as knowing who is the one with the power. Taking God’s name in vain 
can be re-told as being aware of the language we use (cursing, blessing, etc.). Idol Worship – following after the god of stuff (watches, clothes, phones, etc.). Shabbat – taking care of ourselves/souls. Parents 
(too much relevancy here!). Murder 
– all about life. Stealing – acting on jealousy and feeling left out. Adultery – focus instead on the positive, the need for loving relationships. Bearing false witness 
– truth. How much do we value it from others. Coveting
 – not feeling good about ourselves so wanting what everyone else has.

How would you summarize each commandment in a few positive words or statements of hope – a promise of what one day we will…? Leave a reply.

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