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Longing, expecting, waiting

Enjoyed a stimulating conversation with Sarah Agnew, the worship outline writer for Advent, Christmas and Epiphany 2011-12, today. She told of the joy of planning this Advent’s worship with her congregation 18 months after writing the material. She spoke of how she expected the material would live as she had written it, but what she had imagined is turning out differently. Woven in and through her initial direction, thoughts and ideas are the words, thoughts and ideas of the congregation at Belair Uniting Church.

What from SeasonsFUSIONS (Worship Outline, the Bible Story, the Stations, contemplative space) are you using in this first week of Advent?

In what ways are the materials being shaped for and by your context?

What words, thoughts and ideas do you have to share with others?

As we ponder the deep longings and the lament of the people of Judah, and the deep longings and laments of today, and wonder why things can turn out so differently from expectations, here is a  poem from Cheryl Lawrie

Pregnant pause

Perhaps our mistake is thinking
that love will always come
in the shape we have known it:

a happy ending
a new beginning
a christ-child.

In this pregnant pause
while the earth holds its breath
waiting for what
it does not know,
let us have the faith
that even we,
with all our wise
and cynical
would not imagine
the shape that love
will take

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