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Called to Gift

This is the week when resolutions and plans are made.

Many of us will wonder what the new year has in store for us, and how we might live it. We might be tempted (“just for fun,” we will say) to purchase one of the many magazines that will have a focus on “your year according to the stars.”

The magi, in the story that will be told on January 1, Epiphany Sunday, tells of the journey of wise ones whose eyes are fixed on a brilliant guiding star. Their journey did not end until the “star stopped” at their destination. Was this the end of the journey or the beginning?

On New Year’s Eve you might find a place to be still, and gaze at the stars and as you…

“Whisper your name,
hear its sound,
feel its rhythm,
recognize its worth
and know the one who spoke it. Long before anyone else did.

It is unique to you,
your very own
its sound is a promise
whispered among the stars,
first spoken when the universe was unfolded.

And there it is engraved,
one among a billion galaxies:
God’s covenant,
for every future,
wrapped up in your name.

Whisper it,
hear its sound,
feel its rhythm,
recognize its worth,
and hear it on the lips of the one whose promise it is”

(“For Stargazers,” by Roddy Hamilton, page 95 SeasonsFUSION)

How will you live your unique self as you journey, guided by Love, through 2012?

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