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With Authority

Mark 1:21–28, 4th after the Epiphany

“A new teaching,” they cried. “One with authority!”

Why is authority not recognized in the scribes?

“Did the scribes talk the talk that looked nothing like the walk they walked”? is the question posed in the poetic telling of Mark 1:21–28 on page 141 of SeasonsFUSION, Advent, Christmas, Epiphany.

Perhaps the definition of authority as “the power to influence others” tells us as much about the scribes as it tells about Jesus.

“Jesus has the authority to help someone move from a state of uncleanness to a state of holiness” (Rabbi Adam Morris).  (Power to influence others!)

The power to influence others is also present in the community at First United in Vancouver who open their sanctuary as a dry and safe place to sleep 250 people each night and 100 during the day. “Those who are pushed to the periphery come to know, within this safe haven, they are of great worth” (Ruth Wright in “First United – a Sanctuary,” SeasonsFusion, Advent, Christmas, Epiphany, page 143).

One comment on “With Authority

  1. Ann
    January 25, 2012

    On Sunday mornings the church I serve provides sanctuary for children in our community by providing them with breakfast, a welcoming community, sharing of the Bible story for the day and crafts. Considering we only have 4 adults to help, we constantly claim God’s help and power to move through us!

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