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Healing Presence

Mark 1:40-45      6th Sunday after the Epiphany

When the man reached Jesus, he fell on his knees and cried out in desperation. “Jesus,” he sobbed, “if you want to, you have the power to make me well again,”
…Jesus stretched out his hand and tenderly touched the man’s scarred face saying, “I do want to.”
(from “Healing Touch” based on Mark 1:40-45, p. 168 SeasonsFUSION).

“If you want to, you have the power…”

That pulled me up sharp! What power might be released in me in choosing to expand my boundaries and enhance my compassion?

The powerful story of Narayanan Krishnan, who is described as “the companion to the forgotten,” mirrors the boundary crossing compassion of Jesus.

Do take a moment to watch, be inspired, and comment?

What phrase from the clip will you carry this week?

Sometimes healing doesn’t look like skin healed. Sometimes healing is found in love offered, relationships formed, humanity affirmed and nurtured.
(from the Focus for Worship, Learning, Serving, p. 163 SeasonsFUSION)

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