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The Soul’s Journey to God: Palm and Passion Sunday as an Entry to Holy Week, Mark 11:1-11

In the intergenerational worship experience for Palm and Passion Sunday this coming week, we are invited to experience the stories rather than simply hear them. To feel along with them and follow their lead along high ridges and low valleys of emotion and human experience.

Our point of entry can be reflecting on a week in our own lives, observing it like a journey. Where are the high places; when are we brought low. Do we travel these same paths often, habits of emotion that are either constructive or working against our health and well-being? How does our emotional journey correspond to the journey of acting out of our deepest values? Is there a deep connection and resonance between what we feel and how we act, or is there disconnection; do we find ourselves reacting more than acting? Are we moving towards the truths we hold, or away from them? What keeps us on the path? Who are our companions?

This prayer that closes the intergenerational experience can be ours for the week ahead as we prepare for our Easter journey.

Hear us on our Easter journey, O God.  A journey through the knotted experience of darkness and light, of pain and joy, of friendship and betrayal.  May we hold this story of Passion Sunday close to our hearts this week, having it teach us eternal truths of the human condition and God’s eternal grace.

And what if St. Bonaventure is our guide, as quoted in the Fusion resources:

But if you wish to know how things come about, desire not understanding; ask for grace, not instruction, the groaning of prayer not diligent reading, the Spouse not the teacher, God not man, darkness not clarity, not light but fire.

good journeys,
from the Lent Easter writing team at Nightcliff Uniting Church, Darwin

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