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As I unpack my suitcase and load the washing machine, I also begin to pack my suitcase again as I prepare for the next SeasonsFUSION development event. This time at Wesley Methodist Church, Tauranga, Aotearoa New Zealand, where we will begin planning for Easter 2014.

It has been a busy month, beginning with a development meeting at North Decatur Presbyterian Church, Georgia, USA, where we began planning for Advent, Christmas, Epiphany 2013-14, followed by the Children, Youth and a New Kind of Christianity Conference in Washington DC before a development meeting at St. Andrew’s, Humber Heights, Ontario, Canada, where we began planning for Pentecost 1, 2014.

I continue to be excited, humbled, and inspired by this grassroots engagement that make Seasons of the Spirit and SeasonsFUSION unique.

Perhaps you could “drop by” and offer a word of encouragement to these congregations and their writers. You can visit them via their websites, or leave a message here.

As we move from the Season of Easter and into the Season after Pentecost, perhaps you will take a moment to offer here, or directly to Nightcliff Uniting Church, a word of thanks for the gift of the Lent, Easter resources.

Beginning Sunday June 3, Trinity Sunday, we meet a new community. The community who developed the resources for the first half of the Season after Pentecost 2012 met at Christ Church United Methodist, New York City.

“The Bible reminds us that we encounter God in a vast assortment of ways – from a majestic temple vision, to a mighty voice commanding nature, to a mystical spirit that assures us of our place as God’s children and offers us new life. God is all this and more.” (Concluding paragraph biblical background page 28 SeasonsFUSION).

I am reflecting on the communities that have gathered around the 2013-14 church year and giving thanks for the many ways I have experienced God in and through these communities.

Susan Burt
Coordinating Editor

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At Wood Lake Publishing we are passionate about supporting and encouraging an emerging form of Christianity, which is rooted in ancient wisdom and attentive to the movement of spirit in our day. Visit us online at

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