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Healing Community – Mark 5:21–43

“The connections between my own history and the healing stories of Mark taught me more about resurrection than any Easter sermon. They taught me, too, how important it is for faith communities to honour lived experience, to listen to each other’s stories as attentively as we listen to God’s. Listening with love, we may learn that God’s healing stories are also our own.”

(Susan Palwick, in “Give Her Something to Eat,”
SeasonsFUSION Pentecost 1, p. 81)

“Healing is sometimes a difficult part of spirituality because we confuse it with a cure for a disease or illness. Healing can also occur in a deep, personal space for some people and it’s not always as visible as the “miracle” stories we read in the Bible.”

(The practice of healing in Stations, SeasonsFUSION Pentecost 1, p. 84)

And I am wondering about our stories. What story would you tell – of listening with love, honouring lived experience, healing, healing communities?

May this week’s blog be one of shared stories. What is your story? Share it here.

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