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Experiencing Abundance: John 6:1−21


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Jesus said to Philip, “Where are we to buy bread for these people to eat?” John 6:5

I was inspired by the article “A Wood-fired Communal Oven in a Park: Why Bother?” on page 129 of SeasonsFUSION; when I knew I would be traveling to Toronto for the Pentecost 1, 2014 development event at St. Andrews Presbyterian church at Humber Heights, I arranged my schedule so I would be sure to visit Dufferin Grove Park.  I was looking forward to seeing the ovens in action. Wow! I wasn’t disappointed!

We missed the farmers market that is held on Thursday afternoon/evening. However, our visit on Friday afternoon coincided with the community meal that is held during the warmer months.

Tables, chairs and umbrellas were set, and a team of volunteers were chopping and preparing the food that had been purchased; either from the farmers market the day before or sourced from within a 100-mile boundary.

Chalk boards announced that soup, a vegetarian or vegan entrée, a meat entrée, a side dish, a salad, and a dessert were available for a small donation (all of which goes back into the park, and to pay for the groceries); but if cash is a problem, don’t worry, you are still invited to eat! No one goes away hungry.

The park extends for two city blocks and is primarily green space. It includes a community basketball court, alive with youthful energy; an outdoor skating rink in the winter; a large children’s playground; a cob courtyard; community flower and vegetable gardens that are tendered by volunteers; and of course the ovens.

As we watched keen gardeners in the vegetable garden, someone stopped to talk. “Do you work here,” we asked, rather naively. “No, I live over there,” he said gesturing toward a house across the road. “Have lived there since I was a child. This is my park, my back-yard.”

Dufferin Grove Park is truly a welcoming place, a gathering place, and a nourishing place.

We left thinking how rich life is when a community shares all that it has.

“There are people in the world so hungry that God cannot appear to them except in the form of bread.” Mohandas Gandhi.

  If you will be using the creative reading option for John 6:1–21, check out this amazing choir:

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