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Christ-like Living | Ephesians 4:25—5:2

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In Ephesians 4:25—5:2 we are reminded that we are all members of one body, and we are to treat each other as selflessly as Christ treats us. The writer reminds us to not let our words and actions be done in anger, but for the purpose of building up one another…to be kind and compassionate to one another.

~Focus on Worship, Learning, and Serving

We were a circle of friends reflecting on what had been a very nice day. As the day drew to an end and we prepared to “turn in,” a question was put to one in the circle, “If I were to come to your church, what could I expect?”

The answer was not what was expected. “Oh, I imagined it would be something like we are experiencing here!” Of course we were all curious, why wouldn’t she simply change things, create something different, create something like this? The reason? “I see my role as helping the community become the very best of who they are/what they want to be.”

This week a reflective question after the creative reading of Ephesians 4:25—5:2 asks:

Where do you see Christ-like living?

Last Saturday night, I saw a very fine example of Christ-like living in my friend who seeks to help others become their very best selves. I am imagining what communities would/could be like if we all sought to do that. And the challenge for me this week is in the question: In what ways do you embody Christ-like living?

As I was reflecting on the focus passage and theme for Sunday August 12, “Verse and Voice” from Sojourners arrived in my inbox; the “Voice of the Day” is from Robin R. Meyers:

“Indeed, a quick glance around this broken world makes it painfully obvious that we don’t need more arguments on behalf of God; we need more people who live as if they are in covenant with Unconditional Love, which is our best definition of ‘God’.”

~Robin R. Meyers, from Saving Jesus from the Church

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