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Living Wisdom | Ephesians 5:15−20


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“Be careful then how you live, not as unwise people but as wise, making the most of the time…”

~ Ephesians 5:15

“What external factors get in the way of living an ideal life?”

~ Reflection on the Word, (p. 161)

“The readings this week remind us that God calls us to be mindful of the ways in which we spend our time, whether in leisure or in worship.”

~ Biblical Background, (p. 160)

Are you kidding me, God? This is my first response as I read some of the material for August 19. This is “too close to the bone.”

I was full of good intentions at the beginning of July. With an opportunity to trial four weeks at a gym, it would be the beginning of a focused and intentional time of toning up the body, getting fit, and maybe losing some weight. First session went well. “This is IT,” I announced to the trainer. I can see myself signing up for 12 months!

Second week: I wasn’t feeling great, and did not want to spread my germs around the gym, so decided to begin again the following week.

Week three: I signed in and explained the reason for my absence the previous week. They thanked me for my consideration! I guess they have heard it all before…but I was not well, really!

Week four: I didn’t do too badly… I managed two days. If only the gym was open when I was free of other responsibilities! By then I convinced myself that the gym was not for me. I would much rather walk in the sunshine, or jog along the seashore. When the weather warms up, I will do it!

I can do this myself, I’ve decided, and have signed up with an online body course that promises to transform my body and my life; to deliver nutrition, exercise ideas, and support. The next round begins at the end of this month. That should give me some time to get organized and ready to commit! But, no… I have been sent some pre-season tasks. The first task is to “dig deep” and find out what’s holding me back.

What are the internal excuses, what are the external excuses? If I want to transform my life I will need to clear the excuses, they say. OK, I get that. As soon as I have the “right” answers I will fill in the form and submit it. When I am caught up, I will do that!

Why does God care about how we use our time?

  • What external factors get in the way of living ideal lives? How might the church help?
  • When you are feeling detached from God, what enables you to reconnect?
  • What are habits/behaviours that can keep us from focusing on God?

~ Connecting Scripture and Life (p. 161)

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One comment on “Living Wisdom | Ephesians 5:15−20

  1. Susan Burt
    August 15, 2012

    “What do I do, when I can do whatever I want? Fortunately (this is) not a question which has to be answered by the mind, because there is that force working within us which carries us forward no matter how we spend our lives wondering how to spend our lives.” (“Centering” by MC Richards. 52 — via

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