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Humanity Sunday | Genesis 1: 26-28


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The Season of Creation invites us to experience our biblical texts through the lens of creation.  This week we’re invited to wonder what it would be like to hear this scripture passage as the Earth or an Earth creature.

I’m imagining it would be a bit frightening to hear that humanity had been left in charge of me and my kin! I’d be hoping that humanity would actually hear and appropriate God’s declaration that the earth and all its creatures are not just good but very good.

Listening to the text through these ears makes me realize just how vulnerable creation is as well as how much responsibility we really do have to care for and nurture it well. This is our sacred trust in every way.

The earth and her creatures are so powerful in and of themselves but our capacity to exploit and dominate seem to be even stronger. It makes me mindful of the need to give voice to non-humans in our entire decision making.

At Christmas time you can sometimes find “talking trees” with a mouth and eyes that open when triggered by a built in microphone.

We once used one of these talking trees as a character in a drama during Sunday morning worship. The tree talked about how it longed for humanity to wake up and take notice of the plight of our forests. It was a fun way to grab people’s attention and communicate an important message.

What would it be like to have one of these talking trees read the scripture on Sunday?

By Nancy Talbot

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