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For me the best part of being the development community for the Season of Creation, Pentecost 2, 2012 was chewing over the lectionary readings with our people.

SeasonsFUSION really strives to be a grassroots project that is truly inclusive. So the first thing we tried to do when we were invited to participate in creating this resource was gather a good cross-section of folks from our own community. This helped us bring a broad spectrum of opinions to the circle and increased our creative capacity.

In our circle there were people ranging in ages from 29 to 70. We had gay and lesbian representation, someone who taught the blind, an environmental activist and our children and family minister who is Asian.

We also had 50 year old Carolyn sharing insights from the confines of her wheelchair. It was one of her final contributions to the life of our church. She died from complications arising from MS and cancer shortly thereafter.

Over the course of one weekend two teams sat with the lectionary readings for the season stretching from September 2nd through to Reign of Christ Sunday.

I really appreciated the invitation editor Susan Burt extended to us each time we listened to a text. Who are we listening to, with and on behalf of? Who gets to speak and who doesn’t? Who is invisible in this story?

The next prompt was always to ask what are we wondering about this story? After ample time to sink deeper into those wonderings we would ask what might we need to know about the context or background to help us understand it?

I loved the way this simple process opened people to bring themselves and other “common folk” to our sacred stories. There was richness in the dialogue that wasn’t curbed by the need for expert knowledge. So often when we engage scripture people feel intimidated by what they think they don’t know or should know.

One of the final steps in generating input for the actual writing of the resources was the solicitation of images, symbols, poetry, music and literature that came to mind in light of our discussions.

A hallmark of SeasonsFUSION is the engagement of all senses through art and interactive experience drawn out of these reflections. Lastly we would try and sum up the entire conversation with a phrase or a title.

Not everyone has the privilege of being invited to create a resource like SeasonsFUSION that is used around the world, but all communities can make use of the process described above to wrestle with scripture and make it come alive in your own context.

I hope you’ll be inspired to try it out for yourselves and see how you might augment the resources provided here and make them more your own.

By Nancy Talbot

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