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Hope for the Future | Mark 13:1–8


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War, fire, and sexual abuse have dominated the front pages of the South Australian newspapers these past couple of days.

Images and stories of war, past and present, as we commemorated Remembrance /Armistice Day; images of destroyed homes and land and the Country Fire Services battling 65 fires on Sunday – nine of them serious;” and The Federal Government ‘s announcement of a “Royal Commission into institutional responses to instance and allegations of sexual abuse in Australia.”

Every day we are reminded that the times in which we live bring challenge.

In this week’s gospel reading (Mark 13:1–8) Jesus suggests the disciples look beyond appearances so they might see the reign of God.

In 1971 John Lennon invited us to look beyond appearances and to imagine a world of peace, without divisiveness and barriers, and attachment to material possessions. His song Imagineinspired a generation to believe such a world was possible.

Australian singer and songwriter Guy Sebastian recently released what many believe will be the continuation of “Imagine” for this generation. This song encourages us to “Get Along.” View this heartfelt video with lyrics here.

“Why can’t we all just get along, asks Guy Sebastian” in an article in the Daily Telegraph, (October 18, 2012). “It saddens and concerns me for the sake of my child that we live in a world still full of intolerance, hatred and prejudice. Hudson is the inspiration for me to write my latest song ‘Get Along’ as I want to do what I can to make a positive impact in the world, “Sebastian wrote.

As we move toward reign of Christ Sunday, how might we inspire and encourage one another to look beyond appearance and imagine ourselves “getting along”? How might we make a positive impact in the world?

“Imagination,” said Albert Einstein “is everything. It is the preview of life’s coming attractions.”  Or, maybe, the birth pangs of something new.

by Susan Burt

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