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Into a New Year

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“I love to travel but I hate to arrive…” the quote jumped off page 18 of Monday’s Advertiser newspaper.

I didn’t intend to begin another post with a quote from Albert Einstein, but the words rang true. “That’s how I feel about each stage of SeasonFUSION development,” I mused as I walked home from the coffee shop. I hate to arrive – to see each stage come to an end.

From October 28 – November 3 I had the privilege of working with the community at Glen Waverley Uniting Church, in Victoria, Australia. I loved the  journey, as we sought to break open the texts for the Season of Creation, Pentecost 2, 2014, and  I didn’t want to arrive – for the creative input to end. Home again to editing Advent, Christmas, Epiphany resources for 2013-14 and I recalled the development event with the team at North Decatur Presbyterian Church and how I did not want to arrive at its end. Now I was preparing to transmit the material into the capable and creative hands of Prepress, and I realized how much I was enjoying the journey of reading the materials – the product of the work begun around the tables at North Decatur in April of this year – and I did not want to arrive at this destination. At every point of the “journey” not wanting to arrive.

The good news? The travel does not need to end, does not need to “arrive.” It can continue as the materials move into and beyond the local congregations unpacking and distributing the materials, and preparing to live into the seasons.

In Glen Waverley, Rev. Rosemary Carter was scrolling through photographs on her computer, showing ways the congregation had set worship space and stations for the various seasons.  Another person showed photographs of River Sunday, 2011 as celebrated by 8.30 a.m. contemplative service. I encouraged Rosemary to send photographs and stories on how they have used and adapted Seasons materials with others via Seasons Facebook and blog.  The journey would keep moving as new ideas were sparked in others.

May we never arrive; rather encourage one another on the journey. That is my hope, my wish.

The community development events for SeasonsFUSION remain a highlight of this project, as Mike Schwartznetruber describes so well in the article The Development Community for Advent, Christmas, Epiphany 2012-13 on page 4 of SeasonsFUSION…

“SeasonsFUSION development event can sometimes be exhausting, but it is never dull and it is always inspiring, whether you’re playing a supportive role, or sitting at the table participating in the conversation. There’s so much positive energy in the air. So much good conversation and laughter and creative sparking of ideas as people tell stories and share their experiences and insights.

Of course, our hope was and is that you, too, will experience and benefit from all this creative energy as you use these material.”

I love the travel but I hate to arrive. Reign of Christ Sunday, this week, concludes the Season after Pentecost, but we don’t arrive; the circle of the Church means we continue into a new season a new church year and the advent of new life.

As we conclude Season after Pentecost, perhaps you will leave a message of thanks, here, to Mount Seymour United Church, North Vancouver, Canada,who developed the materials for Season of Creation, Pentecost 2, “a community of radically open-minded and inclusive church people who long to make a difference in the world.” Be mindful, too, of the community that developed Advent, Christmas, Epiphany 2012-13. How are you using or adapting the materials? What ideas might you offer to spark something in another congregation?

Travelling mercies as we prepare to not arrive, but continue into a new year.

by Susan Burt

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2 comments on “Into a New Year

  1. Susan Burt
    November 22, 2012

    Nancy, my time with the community at Mount Seymour United was a great blessing. Time wise, it was a sort time together; yet I came away with new friends, a feeling of belonging to an incredible community, and having grown in faith and understanding. It is a time I will treasure for a long time to come. I hope to worship with you again in the not too distant future. Australia is not that far away — just across the ocean! The hospitality and creative engagement so generously offered is a gift to my life and to Seasons. And what a gift that our time together did not end after our face-to-face, rather continued into the development and beyond.
    thank you Mount Seymour United.

  2. Nancy Talbot
    November 22, 2012

    Susan, As I’ve thought about our involvement in this journey drawing to its conclusion I am thinking back on how it all started. The development event was indeed a rich and energetic time wrestling with the texts and coming to know each other as co-creaters of this work. I’m grateful for the experience and for the friendships formed. Blessings as the journey continues. Nancy Talbot, Mount Seymour United

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