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Sabbatical Preparations and Ruminations


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by Adam Morris

This posting originally appeared on Rabbi Adam Morris’ blog Visit his blog for more postings.

It is now four times that I have been blessed to prepare for Sabbatical during the month of January. In each of the past three years and in this time of preparation I find myself buoyed by a strong sense of gratitude for this gift of time and for the relationship between Micah and me from which the gift originates.

While I find myself equally thankful each year as I prepare, I also find that each year I am more deeply aware of the thought I put into about how I utilize this gift of time. I feel the responsibility to use it well — so that this communal investment of time in me pays dividends for the community. I also feel the need within me to construct my time and activities in such a fashion that I can dwell in that Sacred Place Within and emerge with whatever gifts are meant to be taken from such a Place.
During these preparations in which I have a hyper-focus on my choices of how I spend my time – I make a mental note. I want to remember this sense of anticipation and potential for this upcoming time – because I sense that it should apply to each and every moment throughout the year. We should regard and approach each moment – no matter when we spend it – with the same responsibility, urgency and possibility.
After four years of preparing for and spending Sabbatical time, I think I am beginning to understand that I take this time to better understand this reality and how I may humbly share its wisdom to those whose hearts wish to understand it, too. And, so I begin both efforts by spending this time of preparation sharing these thoughts with you…

Rabbi Adam Morris lives in Denver, Colorado, where he is the rabbi for Temple Micah, a Reform synagogue. Adam also servces as a consultant to the Seasons of the Spirit editorial team and will answer your questions at “Ask The Rabbi” on

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