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Psalm 63 – a paraphrase by Roddy Hamilton

Sunset on Farm

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Life-maker –
You hold my life
and I long for you to hold it.
You hold all of Life
and I am held within it.

My very soul cries out for you:
In the morning I linger at the sunrise
eager for the light to embrace my soul;
At dusk I crumple in the shadows
restless for your dawn-light
to replenish my thirst for you.

May my eyes be open to your creation-sanctuary,
alive to the wonders that speak of you
for this evidence is you constant-promise
and my soul dances in praise of you.

I will speak words of thanks
and live a life of thankfulness
all the days of my life.
This is my prayer,
in word,
in deed,
through all of life.

On this blessing I shall feast and be satisfied
and my every breath will be a canticle of praise.
May I waken in the morning singing it
and let it lull me to sleep as I lie down at night,
your constant-promise,
your forever-love,
your always-presence.

And I will cling to you,
and trust your love
that clings to me,

Roddy Hamilton

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