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Lent 5: Gracious Ministries

Stained Glass

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Here’s a story often told and one that is told in different locations with different people through the gospels. Stories to which that happens means they are dearly held and that there must be a deep down meaning to them that defines something significant.

And what is the object of this significance?


This story of anointing seems to have come round to talk about money. Welcome to the church! Of course, the story is really about getting our priorities right between faith and money.

Here is a story that is all about valuing Jesus but the word from the sideline puts value on the wrong thing. The Mary’s of time world recognise the most valuable thing in the room is the economy if love: presence, friendship, sacrifice. The zealots however see the value in the economy of purchase and focus on the least important thing in the room.

Is that what we do at times when we want to avoid hard truths, truths about things that will change our worldview and everything we’ve come to know? It’s a case of focusing on the smallest detail and forget the elephant in the room (sorry Mary!)

Here the two values are contrasted: love and purchasing power; social justice and stained glass.

As always, discipleship is a choice, following is a choice. Lent is a time to choose.

Dare we?

Roddy Hamilton

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