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Going Global | April 14, 2013

Aurora Borealis

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What was the light like?
What was the light like that cleansed the persecutor
that burned away the sore
and lanced the boil of prejudice?

What was the light like
that broke through the inner darkness
of Saul’s fear of the other
Saul’s fundamentalism
and set him free again?

What was the light like
that finally made the scales fall away
and sharpened the focus
of this bound up man
on grace?

What was the light like
that was cast on this Christ-denier
whose whole being bottled up
those questions he might have had
of his own traditions
but didn’t want to ask?

Or those issues with his own beliefs
but didn’t know how to let go?

Or that niggling feeling that this new faith might have merit
but was too tied to fear of the old faith
and what might be left once he let go
to believe with freedom?

What was the light like?

Turn on the darkness
and see what shines.

Roddy Hamilton

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