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Hey, a geography lesson:
ecclesiastical style;
Pauline style.
Not just an itinerary
but a spread of gospel –
one town to the next,
one city to the next.

What’s happened here?
The faith is an urban faith?
It is centred in the centres of discussion and debate,
in the hothouses of politics and social issues.
It is in the places where change is rapid
and different ideologies face each other
that the faith seems to be alive.

Paul’s second tour
shows us the maturing of the faith:
not a belief structure based on controlling weather patterns
or harvests
or atoning an angry and unpredictable God,
but a structure of belief
that takes on
and uses the language of ideals,
that sit with different philosophies
and argues its principles and worth,
that comes face to face
and finds its place beside the issues of the world.

This isn’t a geography lesson,
this is an insight into where Christianity lives and breathes!

And dare we still take Christianity
on the journeys Paul took it:
into the centres of power,
and preach it?

How many more Lydia’s
are waiting to hear?

Roddy Hamilton

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At Wood Lake Publishing we are passionate about supporting and encouraging an emerging form of Christianity, which is rooted in ancient wisdom and attentive to the movement of spirit in our day. Visit us online at

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