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Liberating Love

Prison Bars

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If there is ever a time to read a story, this is it. Taking individual bits of it trap us in the minutiae of story and we lose the greater picture. Instead tell the story from start to finish to get the roller-coaster ride that is the journey of faith.

Few of us will end up in prison. Even fewer of us will experience and earthquake designed to set us free and an even smaller proportion of us will get the opportunity to baptise whole households into the faith.

What we will have plenty of, however, is opportunity. Do we have eyes to see where the opportunities lie? Dare we believe where opportunities might lie for us, especially in times and places that seem all bound up? By reading this story, we set free the imagination that recognises opportunity seems to be found at almost every turn. It might not be in the dramatic form Paul and Silas experienced and in many ways I am grateful for that! Opportunity might be more a way of life, a way of living life that trusts God’s spirit of optimism and imagination. That might be enough to cause our own metaphorical earthquake. Take care.

Roddy Hamilton

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