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She is Spirit

Art by Margaret Kyle

Art courtesy of Margaret Kyle (

She unsettles our comfort and comforts the unsettled;
And her spark lights the candle that burns through the dark;
She is the imagination of artists and poets and preachers;
the muse for the scientist, the architect and the teachers;
She dares to renew and longs to recreate,
being catalyst and yeast and disturber we need;
She’s the curve in the banana, and the spice in the chilli;
The colour in a rainbow and the squeeze in a hug;
She is the protest at injustice
and the impatience for change;
The blessing in the water
and water of life;
She is the chord in the chorus
and the chorus in song;
The midwife of creation
and creation’s big sister;
The love-song of God
and the dance steps of life;
She is the energy of imagination on which all theories are built;
Her ideas are the visions that birth revolutions;
She is the breaker of walls
pirouettes over boundaries;
and the question that implodes every prejudice we have;
She is the silence in words
and the word breaking silence;
The moment in eternity holding eternity in one moment;
She is the brokenness in bread and the shimmer in wine
and the grace that opens the table where all come to dine;
She is the doubt in our certainty and our invitation to question;
The daring that breaks stand-offs
and the enticement to change;
She is the first and the last and the greatest and least;
the signature that turns each conflict to peace
She is the maker of adventurers
and the unknown in every map;
the journey, the traveller, the companion, the trek;
She is the mover and shaker that comes out from heaven
and chooses to live with and dance with us here;
She is…
She is…
She is the Spirit.

Roddy Hamilton

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At Wood Lake Publishing we are passionate about supporting and encouraging an emerging form of Christianity, which is rooted in ancient wisdom and attentive to the movement of spirit in our day. Visit us online at

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