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Lectionary resources for worship, faith formation, and service

About SeasonsFUSION

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Ways to Use SeasonsFUSION

SeasonsFUSION Contents – Colour

SeasonsFUSION Contents – Printer Friendly

Now your congregation can combine time, space, adults and children to create new energy through weekly Christian practice in community and worship experience. Based on the semi-continous stream of the Revised Common Lectionary, these adaptable resources will fit your congregation, no matter how you are “doing church.”

NEW! SeasonsFUSION includes the new Season of Creation.

SeasonsFUSION is perfect for:

  • Congregations, regardless of size, looking for resources that integrate or fuse worship, learning, and service, and that support the many ways they practice Christianity.
  • Smaller congregations where age range and numbers make age-level faith formation programs difficult to maintain.
  • Small but vital congregations committed to faith formation and living their lives together in ways that embody and nourish faith.
  • Congregations that look to lay worship/preaching teams and need study helps.
  • Congregations that want to experiment with reshaping their lives together as a worshipping and learning community.
  • Congregations that are looking for support for growing faith and discipleship at home.
  • Congregations that…well, you fill in the blank!

What you get WEEKLY

  • One Planning page
  • One Biblical Background page
  • One Reflection and Focus page
  • Three-page Worship Outline
  • One Poetry and Prose page, containing articles, poems, and stories
  • One Bible Story page
  • Two Stations pages
  • One Resource Sheet, for use at one of the stations
  • One Activity Sheet page for very young children

What you get QUARTERLY

  • Articles – 12 pages, including About this Season, About the Art for this Season; Communion prayers for the season; and articles that support the theme of the season(s)
  • Living the Seasons – 12 pages that connect people to what is happening in church. Contains suggestions for how to use SeasonsFUSION within and beyond the group that gathers for worship, including individuals and families at home
  • Gatherings for All Ages – outlines for all-ages worship events that include a meal (appropriate for people with no church background)
  • Special Worship Outlines – including a Christmas pageant, Christmas Day, Blue Christmas, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Thanksgiving
  • One Music Booklet with lyrics
  • Six posters
  • One Data CD, which includes the resources in Word format, poster images for projection, the Bible Stories in MP3 format, and song lyrics for the quarter

What you get FREE on the website

  • Certificates and forms
  • Charts showing the lectionary scriptures, dates, and themes
  • Interactive links in the Library & Action Zone
  • From Start to Finish Booklet
  • Replacement resources for
  • All Saints’ Day and Reformation Day
  • NEW! Virtual Resource Booklet that contains crafts, patterns, recipes, and more. Download the whole booklet or print just the pages you want.

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