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Lectionary resources for worship, faith formation, and service

What is Seasons of the Spirit?

What is Seasons of the Spirit?

Seasons of the Spirit is one inclusive program for the whole congregation. Seasons of the Spirit supports faith communities and families in their life together by

  • exploring meaning and mystery in the Bible
  • being grounded in thoughtful theology
  • empowering children, youth, and adults to be transformed in Christ
  • inspiring and equipping leaders
  • nurturing the imaginative spirit
  • offering resources for all ages
  • integrating worship, learning, and serving ministries

Seasons’ vision is for an authentic Christianity lived in our culturally diverse and religiously pluralistic world; to be signs of God’s liberating, compassionate, and inclusive love, and to grow in our relationship with God. Seasons continues to nurture faith through liturgy, ritual, imagination, and to encourage Christian growth through worshipping, learning, and serving together. Our true curriculum is how we live our lives together.”

~ Susan Burt, Coordinating Editor, Seasons of the Spirit


Seasons of the Spirit is a tool that can add inspiration to your Worship and Christian education and outreach because it:

  • Offers resources for 52 weeks of the year
  • Supports & encourages stewardship & care of the earth
  • Connects faith to life
  • Nurtures imagination & creativity through the arts (music and images)
  • Offers flexibility, choices & ease of use
  • Includes leader support & training
  • Includes resources from birth to adult & multi-ages
  • Offers Bible stories that are age appropriate
  • Addresses what it means to be Christian in a pluralistic world
  • Includes resources for worship leaders, Christian educators, outreach leaders, & parents
  • Provides great value for your money spent
  • Is contemporary & current – written new each year

Lectionary Based4 Seasons per year

Seasons of the Spirit resources are divided into four seasonal packages, following the cycle of the seasons of the Church year. Each year’s materials begin with Pentecost 2 (the second half of the “Season after Pentecost”).

  • Pentecost 2 (September—November)
  • Advent, Christmas, Epiphany (December—February)
  • Lent, Easter (March—May)
  • Pentecost 1 (June—August)

(Note: monthly designations are approximate as specific dates for each season will vary each year)

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